Success Stories

Brij Restaurant Chain-Business Sale Deal
Undisclosed amount-27th August 2018 - Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh & Maharashtra

Brij Restaurant- Chain of Spicy Food restaurants in East Rajasthan,UP & Maharshtra, it has been sucessfully being run by Raju Sharma Family  since 2005 in three states of India with 20+ Franchise partners. Brij Restaurant represents Rajasthan's spicy food culture and its verieties.

Team Yeforum connected Brij Restaurant Chain Management with Individual Investors and Sucessfully closed 12th deal with the Consultation of Team Yeforum. Yeforum conducted successfully networking to Investors & Meetings for further discussions, 12th Individual Investor completed the Deal & Buy this franchise chain for a undisclosed amount. if you are looking for Investors/Franchise/Busienss Buyer/Partner than feel free to write an email and send to