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Young Entrepreneurs Business Forum is an online & offline Community of young entrepreneurs, CEOs/ founders, top level executives of companies , business experts/brokers to network, share, insight, strategy and grow together by providing offline/online opportunities through organizing events, seminars, conference, meetups, technology summits, trade shows, B2B fairs, round table discussions across the Country. ​ Yeforum have 22 State Chapters, 8 tier-I City Chapters & Soon Operationalising 4 Country Chapters with 10,000+ Active Members across Globe.

Yeforum 'entrepreneurs Community' may help you in many ways i.e. Networking, Tie-ups & Co-founder, Lead Generation, User Experience, Sales, Marketing, Branding & Promotion, business diversification, Communication, Digital Media, Industry specific insights, Product Development, new customer base development etc

Yeforum activities:

Online Webportal of Yeforum:

Research Based website designed to connect Business seeking funds with Investors without publishing name of business & Investor. this feature makes Yeforum a Unique platform to connect with each other.

Sale You Business: if your startup/business or a part of business is not working than you may sale or raise funds for the same by creating a Business profile on online portal of Yeforum.

Loan for your Business: if you are looking for a Loan for your business without hassle than you may create business profile on Business for Sale portal.

Sale Franchise: you may expend your business by saling franchise across wide network of entrepreneurs of Yeforum, Yeforum have team of Experts that will guide you to make best franchise proposal for your business.

Invest in a business: if you have extra funds and looking for investment in a growing business than yeforum have 10,000+ business registered from every sector to Invest and get good returns on investment, yeforum team of experts will guide you for best business as well as best way of investment.

CEO & Founders Meet: National Level annual Business Conference & award ceremony

Yeforum Organise CEO & Founders Meet every year to increase networking and trust among members & announce the winner of Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, 5 edition completed so far, the next Edition of this annual business conference 6th CEO & Founders Meet 2019 to be organised on 19th Jan. 2019 at Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. 

5th CEO & Founders Meet 2018 was organised on 27th Jan. 2018 at Hotel Vrisa, Jaipur, delegate CEO/founders, Investors, Business tycoons from 17 States Attended event, it was the biggest successful edtion organised so far.

for more updates about next CEO & founders Meet 2019 visit, for post event report, image, videos, press release 

Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards (Yeforum Awards): National Level annual Business Awards 

Young Entrepreneur of the year Awards instituted for recognizing young entrepreneurs  to salute their hard work, Struggle, Innovation and Courage to choose entrepreneurship as a Career and Motivating others for entrepreneurship. The Awards exist because we truly believe that this effort of Yeforum will generate a positive energy in universe that will transform business owner into a business tycoon, Youth/startup into a successful business & an unemployed youth into motivated  successful businessman.

Yeforum is on a mission to create a business environment across globe by  providing a platform, in this mission Yeforum awards is a small effort that is motivating & encouraging entrepreneurship.

Next 2nd Edition of this most awaited prestigious annual business Award:  Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2018  to be presented for following 30 National Categories, 22 State Categories & 8 Metro City Category. 

Brief About Previous Yeforum Awards:

Previous edition of awards was a big Success with 358 Participation Entries from 25 States of India, Winners awarded and presented during the inaugural of national business conference 5th CEO & Founders Meet 2018 held at Jaipur on 27th Jan. 2018 by Chief Guest Shri.Manoj Bhardwaj, Dy. Mayor, Jaipur Municipal corporation, Shri. Arun Agarwal, Sr. Vice President, Federation of Rajasthan Trade & industry (FORTI) and Shri. K.P.Saxena, Advisor & Head Jury Selection Committee,.  Last date for Submission of Entries was 15th Nov. 2017. Yeforum received Participation from 358 Companies from 25 states, CEO/Founders, Investors, Consultants, Business Brokers from 17 States of India attended this business conference. more details available 

Participate/Apply for Awards 2018: Participation Application form for 2nd Edition of Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2018 & Details are available on website 

last date for participation for this year awards is 15th July 2018. (Dont wait for last date Apply Now)

Entrepreneurs Meet : a Quarterly organised meeting with help of partners/members in every City/State to increase networking among members.

Entrepreneurs Meet are the  meetups organized by yeforum with the support of partners in every chapter to increase networking and World of Mouth publicity among members, 5th edition is going to be organised soon, post event reports are available in press release.

“Start a Business” Campaign:

Start a business is designed for every individual who are looking for tarnsforming thier idea or hobby into a successfull business, if you are looking for start a business without increasing cost than Join Yeforum Start a Business Membership & Establish milestone.

Sales & Marketing Forums:  

Sales & Marketing is the key element of success of any business, yeforum organize sales & Marketing forums regular to innovate and discover new tool & Techniques for Business. we held Marketing DNA 1.0 at Jaipur in Jan. 2017 and 2nd Sales & Marketing Strategies for Business event held on 21st Sept 2017 at Mumbai, and soon will held in 10+ chapters across the country.

Yeforum Khoj:

“Khoj” is the initiative taken by yeforum to discover innovative business and enabling community to know about unique business ideas across the world.

Yeforum chapters:

We are establishing yeforum chapters in every District of India to develop a business environment across the country.

Yeforum Experts Panel:

yeforum discover the experts in every city/chapter to help budding entrepreneurs and enabling them to formulate result oriented business strategies.

Experts Talk:

yeforum invite experts of different domains to share their strategies, struggle and expertise in particular field.

Yeforum “worldoffice”:

yeforum provide its members to work/start branch/ meeting space/ in  anywhere in this world through its partner coworking space/ hotels /properties. You can list your property extra office space for yeforum worldoffice.

Who uses YEFORUM

  • CEO/Founders
  • Business Parters/Dealers
  • Businesses For Sale
  • Companies Seeking Capital
  • Boutique Investment Banks
  • M&A Advisors
  • Business Brokers
  • Private Investors
  • Corporate Acquirers
  • Lenders
  • PE / VC / Funds
  • Deal Professionals


  • Pre-approved profiles only
  • Large Network of entrepreneurs and CEOs
  • Confidential “no name” profiles till introduction is made
  • Automatic matching of profiles
  • Insights to improve your profile
  • Instant ‘rule of thumb’ valuation
  • Ratings to sort good profiles
  • Easy Messaging and Doc Sharing
  • Thousands of business owners, investors, lenders and advisors trust Yeforum
  • Simple and straight forward

Founding Team

Team SP Marketing Pvt Ltd
Investor & Founding Team - Research & Development

SP Marketing Consulting & Reseach is the research based Business Consulting firm established in 2007 

SP Marketing Consulting & Research (SPMC) a leading business development and marketing consulting firm that specialize in helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) create sustainable growth through successful expansion into domestic markets.

SPMC is a provider of strategic solution on various issues of marketing. SPMCs real strength lies in its ability to tackle a diverse range of marketing related projects which many agencies are simply not geared up to cope with.

One of the main benefits to clients of this method of operation is access to the very highest level of expertise at a realistic cost. Clients are asked to pay a professional fee which reflects the amount of time and expertise spent on a project. We run an efficient, low overhead business. This means that our clients only pay for what they.

Our approach to a project can be summed up as one of total flexibility. We are not constrained by pre-conceived notions about fixed working practices or the intricacies of company politics. We bring in whatever resources are required to do the job quickly, efficiently and with the minimum amount of fuss and disruption to my client's business.

Over the past 10 years, SPMC has been involved in more than two hundreds marketing strategy engagements across a wide variety of industries. This involvement provides us with unique insights into customer needs, how they are changing and how they are taking buying decision

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Yeforum is not an Investment company, its a Community, Dedicated to Develop Business environment and promoting fair practices in business. Yeforum is providing a platform for networking & Connecting with right person for your business. YEFORUM / is a platform which aims to remove all the clutter and make quality introductions between businesses, investors, acquirers, lenders and advisers, extending beyond their geographical location.
Business for sale section may helps business owners/startups to discover investor/buyer for their business/part of business to raise funds. we hide name and private information of business and makes visible after connection with other party who want to invest. this feature allow us to protect our members private information and name before deal. Yeforum is community of CEO/Founders,Investors,Brokers,Bankers,Freelancers, Startups, HUFs etc. hence this is the best platform to find partner/investor by selling non productive part of your business. for more feel free to email us.
Yeforum is research based platform to make doing business easy and cost effective by providing tool & techniques. Yeforum have following types of membership available Revised Membership effective from (01 April 2018) Start A Business Membership: for Students/ Employed individuals to start a business. Business Membership: A company registered with Govt. of India is eligible for this Membership. Corporate Membership: Companies looking forward for various promotional association with Yeforum. Founder Membership: Customized Promotional Opportunities more about membership benefits and eligibility you may drop an email at or contact +91-9660-989-292
Its Nice, you decided to Join Yeforum kindly choose appropriate Membership & Let us Know on