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Table Tennis Rules Quiz 1. . How large should be the table for the game? 2. . What is the diameter of a table tennis ball? 3. . Does the ball has to be above the height of the playing surface of the table during the serve? 4. . For which of the following a player would not recieve a point? 5. . ...

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Preview this quiz on Quizizz. What is the lowest number of points a player needs to win a game of table tennis?

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Q. When serving in Table Tennis, the ball must bounce on the serving teams side before going over the net. Q.

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Question 1: By ITTF rules, when you serve, the ball must not bounce more than once on the opponent's side of the table. If it does, then you lose the point (even though your opponent did not return the serve). This is to ensure that the serve is not so short as to be impossible to retrieve. True. False.

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Bent legs, elbows bent, arms out. D. Beng legs, elboes straight, arms at side. 3. The old method of scoring table tennis was: A. Score to 21 and switch serve every 5 points. B. Score to 11 and switch serve every 3 points.

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2. Fails to allow a served ball to hit her side of the table one time before returning it 3. Returns the ball back over the net so that it fails to hit the table one time 4. Allows the ball to hit her body 5. Allows the ball to hit her side of the table more than once 6. Moves the table during a rally 7.

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Answer: Penhold. If you hold your paddle like you're shaking someone's hand, then you are a "Shakehander". If you hold your paddle like you are holding a pen, then you are a "Penholder". The "Penholder" grip is most popular amongst Asian players. From Quiz: Advanced Table Tennis . Question by author Gondulf.