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Rotator Cuff Injury: Background, Epidemiology, Functional Anatomy

Rotator cuff injuries are a common cause of shoulder pain in people of all age groups.

Rotator Cuff Injury? - Healthline

The rotator cuff is a common spot for injuries. The most common are tears, strains, tendinitis, and bursitis.

Rotator Cuff Injury - Swimmers Shoulder - Pitchers Shoulder - ...

Easy to read medical information about rotator cuff strains, tears, spasms.

Rotator Cuff Injury Treatment, Exercise, Tests, Symptoms, Healing ...

Understand torn rotator cuff symptoms, shoulder surgery, and treatment for shoulder pain from chronic and acute rotator cuff tears and shoulder tendinitis.

Rotator Cuff Tendonitis - aidmyrotatorcuff.com

Information about tendonitis in the rotator cuff and shoulder.

Rotator ...

Tennis continues to be one of the most popular sports in the world, and as interest grows, our understanding of the physiologic demands of the sport also increases.

Rotator Cuff Tears - OrthoInfo - AAOS

Your arm is kept in your shoulder socket by your rotator cuff.

Rotator cuff tear - Wikipedia

Rotator cuff tear Other names Rotator cuff injury, rotator cuff disease Some of the muscles of the rotator cuff, with a tear in ...

Rotator cuff - Wikipedia

Rotator cuff Details Artery Suprascapular artery, circumflex scapular artery [1] Nerve Subscapular nerve, suprascapular nerve, ...

Rotator Cuff Injuries - aidmyrotatorcuff.com

Causes, Symptoms and Treatments for Common Rotator Cuff Injuries.