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GAMES AND TOURNAMENT QUESTIONS IN CAT. Total number of matches = Total number of players – 1 (2p-1) Knockout tournaments will generally have players already ranked ie. seeded players. Knockout games will never have a tie. If there is a tie, there will be a tiebreaker match. Upset means a low-seed ...

Games and Tournaments for CAT Exam Logical Reasoning - Part 1 ...

In Logical Reasoning very often we encounter problems based on games and tournaments. The first thing that as a CAT taker you need to realize is that such tournament based format offers the examiner a multitude of options. So, there cannot be a set formula for solving such kind of questions. However, if you look at the CAT papers of past few years – a pattern seems to emerge. Let us discuss couple of them.

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Games and Tournaments is of the important topic for Logical reasoning for CAT. Many times questions are framed on Tennis, Football, Hockey and Cricket tournaments. First a given set of rules will be given and candidates are required to understand and remember every rule. Analyzing and decoding the given data is basic thing to start.

Games and Tournaments for CAT Exam Logical Reasoning – Part 2 ...

Full set of questions from CAT about games and tournaments. 1) What is the total number of matches played in the tournament? a. 28 b. 55 c. 63 d. 35. 2) The minimum number of wins needed for a team in the first stage to guarantee its advancement to the next stage is: a. 5 b. 6 c. 7 d. 4

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Basics of Games & Tournaments for CAT with practice questions.Excellent Tips on How to solve Games and Tournaments for CAT We also have explained Knockout To...

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KNOCKOUT TOURNAMENTS; Knockout tournament is another very commonly asked structure in CAT. Every game is a knockout, which means the winner must have won all the matches. A knockout tournament has typically a number of rounds and in each round, a certain number of players are knocked out of the tournament.

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Some fun examples include Strikeforce Kitty 2 - this game lets you build up an elite team of ninja cats to fight in tournaments against other teams. Stars from the sky on the other hand is a cool cat themed platform game in which you must jump down the platforms collecting stars on your way.

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CAT (Create A Tournament) is a free app available for browsers as well as for Android to create single-elimination tournaments fast and easy. For further help and options (light-theme, save/load) open the top menu.