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Volleyball Spike (Attack) A Volleyball Spike, or Attack, usually follows a Set or a Pass as the third contact a team makes with the volleyball. The object of a Spike is so that the ball lands on the opponent’s court and cannot be defended. The player makes a series of steps (called the approach), jumps, and swings at the ball.

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I've been eyeballing a volleyball match right now (apparently, it's world championships :), and have noticed that they show "spike speed" for spike replays. How is that speed measured? Is the ball stuffed with sensors or is there an array of hi-speed cameras to measure this?

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Volleyball Spike Approach, Teaching Timing is a Skill

A player that has good timing is contacting the ball at the peak of their jump with the arm fully extended. First, measure each players approach reach height. Then measure the length of their hand from the middle finger to the base of their palm at the wrist. Then subtract the hand measurement from the reach measurement.

Volleyball Spike - Basics to Volleyball Attacking

Back row players can legally spike the ball from behind the 10 foot (3 meter) line. This is a much more difficult type of volleyball attack and is used only by more experienced volleyball players. The basic classical spike is made by jumping off of both feet. A spiker usually takes a series of steps to attack the ball.

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Running parallel to the wall, take a three-step hitting or spiking approach and touch the wall with your hitting hand at the peak of the jump using your fingertips to leave a chalk mark. Measure the distance between the approach jump chalk mark and the floor. This distance is your approach jump vertical reach.

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Men’s indoor and beach volleyball net height is 7 feet, 11-5/8 inches (2.43 meters) tall. The co-ed net size and height are the same. 3.) Women’s volleyball net size and height. Women’s indoor and beach volleyball net height is 7 feet, 4-1/8 inches (2.24 meters) tall. 4.)

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Volleyballs have a diameter of 8.15”-8.39” (20.7-21.3 cm) and circumference of 22.59”-26.34” (65-67 cm). The mass of a Volleyball is between 9-10 oz (260-280 g) with a pressure between 4.26-4.61 psi (29.4-31.8 kPa). Volleyball. 3D Model. p3d.in - 3D-Dimensions-Sports-Volleyball. Volleyball.

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The spiking movement was carried out in the lunge position with the left foot forward. Two target areas were marked. The first target (zone 1) was located 3 m in front of the participant, and the second target (zone 2) was 0.8 m left of the first target. Both targets were 0.4 by 0.4 m 2.