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Its Compact design requires little floor space, low capital cost and maintenance, great support for you to start business or for medium production line.

Fully Automatic PET Water Bottle Making Machine

Product Introduction

Fully automatic PET water Bottle Making Machine ECO-2 is our best sell model of two stage stretch blow molding, 2 cavities, can produce PET bottles up to 2 liters, 2400 Bottles Per Hour.  Suitable for all bottle designs. Its Compact design requires little floor space, low capital cost and maintenance, great support for you to start business or for medium production line. 

Product Parameter



Minimum Order Quantity



1,800~2,400 bot. per hour

Number of cavities



Top Economic


Volume / bottle capacity

2000 ml

Neck size / Neck finish

18-38 mm

Max Diameter / Max. container diameter

105 mm

Max Height / Max. container height

330 mm


Heating area / Heating zone qty.


Heat lamps / Heaters

16 pcs

Heating Power

35 KW

Power Source

Electricity and pneumatic

Air Resource

Low pressure air consumption

1.2 m3/min

High Pressure Air Consumption (based on 500ml)

2.0 m3/min

Servo System

Preform transferring / Stepping


Dimension & Weight

Main machine Size

3000*1800*2400 (m)


2500 KGS

Product Feature

1. Easy to adjust, exchange and access heating oven; Protection for preform thread against heating.

2. No contamination and low noise with the air cylinder to drive the action instead of the oil Pump.

3. Can install many different kinds of blowing craft parameter, when changing different mould and perform, can readjust the statistics from computer, easy operation.

4. Air route design is divided into two parts, high pressure for blowing and low pressure for motions. 


Company Information

Location: Huang Yan District, Tai Zhou City, Zhe Jiang Province, China

Factory Size: 1,000~3,000 square meters


Industry Tips ( PET troubleshooting and solution)

Hard Shoulder


An excess of material remains in the neck and shoulder. PET material is left remains in the neck, on the body part too much has stretched. More often seen in bigger bottle size as 2 litre. 


1.Incorrect heat setting. 

2.Incorrect blowing settings. 

3.Faulty non-return valve, allowing high-pressure air to pass into next station at pre-blow stage. 

4.Air leak into preform before the start of pre-blow, cooling the upper part of the preform. In this case whitening may be evident on one side of the bottle (unlikely). 


1.Reduce heat in the body and/or base before whitening occurs, then increase neck temperature in an effort to stretch material away from the neck. 

2.Alternatively increase neck heat. 

3.Move the pre-blow cam later. 

4.Reduce pre-blow pressure. 

5.Check cooling shield settings.

6.Check for air leak through nozzle and if necessary change the seal. 

7.Check height of preform through oven to ensure there is not a preform loading problem. 


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