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Young Entrepreneurs Business Forum is an online Community of young entrepreneurs, CEOs/ founders, top level executives of companies, business experts/brokers to network, share, insight, strategy and grow together by providing offline/online opportunities through organizing events, seminars, conference, meetups, technology summits, trade shows, B2B fairs, round table discussions across the Country.

Yeforum Online Portal is an online Platform to connect Young Entrerpeneurs with Investors, Business Brokers, VC Firms, Angel Investors, Private Equity Firms, Individual Investors, Business Lenders.

Yeforum 'entrepreneurs Community' may help in developing & diversifying your business in many ways i.e. Networking, Tie-ups & Co-founder, Lead Generation, User Experience, Sales, Marketing, Branding & Promotion, business diversification, Communication, Digital Media, Industry specific insights, Product Development, new customer base development etc.

Yeforum implementing its world class vision & mission through its energetic team i.e. Country President, 22 State Vice Chairman in 22 State Regions covering entire Indian territory, 30 Industry Vice-Presidents across India & Executive-Chairman in every District/City. 

Who uses YEFORUM

  • CEO/Founders
  • Business Parters/Dealers
  • Businesses For Sale
  • Companies Seeking Capital
  • Boutique Investment Banks
  • M&A Advisors
  • Business Brokers
  • Private Investors
  • Corporate Acquirers
  • Lenders
  • PE / VC / Funds
  • Deal Professionals


  • Pre-approved profiles only
  • Large Network of entrepreneurs and CEOs
  • Confidential “no name” profiles till introduction is made
  • Start A New Business
  • Grow funds by offering Franchise.
  • Network with verified Investors/buyers/business partners.
  • Investment/Loan for your business
  • One-to-One business Consulting
  • Diversification of Business
  • Thousands of business owners, investors, lenders and advisors trust Yeforum
  • New possibilities for your business.
  • Invest in a business.

Founding Team

Team SP Marketing India.Com
Investor & Founding Team - Business Consulting & Research

SP Marketing Consulting & Reseach is the research based Business Consulting firm established in 2007 

SP Marketing Consulting & Research (SPMC) a leading business development and marketing consulting firm that specialize in helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) create sustainable growth through successful expansion into domestic markets.

SPMC is a provider of strategic solution on various issues of marketing. SPMCs real strength lies in its ability to tackle a diverse range of marketing related projects which many agencies are simply not geared up to cope with.

One of the main benefits to clients of this method of operation is access to the very highest level of expertise at a realistic cost. Clients are asked to pay a professional fee which reflects the amount of time and expertise spent on a project. We run an efficient, low overhead business. This means that our clients only pay for what they.

Our approach to a project can be summed up as one of total flexibility. We are not constrained by pre-conceived notions about fixed working practices or the intricacies of company politics. We bring in whatever resources are required to do the job quickly, efficiently and with the minimum amount of fuss and disruption to my client's business.

Over the past 10 years, SPMC has been involved in more than two hundreds marketing strategy engagements across a wide variety of industries. This involvement provides us with unique insights into customer needs, how they are changing and how they are taking buying decision

Frequently Asked Questions

we define Business Valuation as a technique used to capture the true value of the business. Common approaches to business valuation include Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), Trading Comparables, and Transaction Comparables method described below. When do you need a Business Valuation? The following are some of the common reasons which necessitate valuing your business Selling the business Fund raising from VC or IPO Issuing stock to employees Tax purposes Liquidation of the company Financial reporting related Litigation related What is a Business’ value? A company is held by two categories of owners, shareholders and debt holders. The value of a pure business which accrues to both categories of owners is called the Enterprise Value, whereas the value which accrues just to shareholders is the Equity Value (also called market cap for listed companies). Companies are compared using the enterprise value instead of equity value as debt and cash levels may vary significantly even between companies in the same industry. During an acquisition, depending on whether it is an asset purchase or a stock purchase, valuation of appropriate elements of the business needs to be carried out.
Young Entrepreneurs Business Forum is the community of CEO,Founders, Directors, Investment Companies, Business brokers, Associations Dedicated to Develop Business environment and promoting fair practices in business and Yeforum encouraging Entrepreneurship Across Globe. Website is an online platform which aims to remove all the clutter and make quality introductions between businesses, investors, acquirers, lenders and advisers, extending beyond their geographical locations. Yeforum is not an Investment Company, Yeforum provide online networking between Investors, Buyers, Franchise, Individual Buyers & Generate organic leads for members.
Yeforum is the Association of CEO/Founders/Investors across India and Expending its presence across the Globe,Following are the benefits of Sign Up 1. Business Seeking Investment Membership: Business/startups looking for investment must join this membership & Create Business Profile 2. Investor Membership: Investment company/VC firm/Bank/Govt. organisation, Angel Investors, Corporate Investors, Individual Investors looking for invest in a verified business must Join this Membership & Create Investor Profile 3. Franchise Membership: Companies looking for expending business by offering franchise, Dealership, re seller opportunities must Join this Membership, we connect with verified individual investors/Franchiser, Create Franchise Profile 4. Business for Sale Membership: Business/Startups looking for sale their business/company or not-performing branch/asset/part of business must join this membership. Yeforum connect you with verified investor/interested companies directly. 5. Business Membership: Business looking for branding , promotion and willing to network with yeforum members may Join this Membership. 6. Start A Business: Individuals looking for start a business than Join online consulting of Yeforum with day-to-day consulting for business/startup. 7.Corporate Membership: Corporate looking for maximum possible ways of fruitful association with yeforum must Join corporate Membership.