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nice-fc,theoretical output 700-1000 bottles per hour. Suitable for 20-2000ml bottles.

Plastic Bottle Making Machine For Sale

Product Description,india-football-ranking

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Semi Automatic Blow Machine,handball-world-cup-2021-croatia

Theoretical Capacity
Mold Cavities
Neck Size
Max. Volume
High productivity; easy to operate; long time after-sale service.

Machine Specifications,best-app-for-fantasy-football-injury-updates

Machine Model


Production Capacity (BPH)


Max. Bottle Size

2000 ml

Max. Bottle Diameter

100 mm

Max. Bottle Height

350 mm



2 cavity

Clamping Force

66.48 KN

Opening Stock


Mould Thickness

120-200 mm

Mould Width X Height

350 mm X 390 mm



15-35 mm


190 mm

Heating Power

23 KW

General Power

25 KW

Compressed Air

Blow Air

2.6  3.0 MPa

Drive Air

0.8  1.0 MPa

Machine Dimensions

Main Machine

1680 * 950 * 1980 mm


1650 * 700 * 1700 mm

Machine Weight

Main Machine

1100 KG


480 KG



Common faults and solutions for PET bottle blowing-part 4

Q16: Alarm sounds,volleyball-setter-calls


The main motor current is too large, and the thermal relay overload current protection is cut off,zeus-1000-slot

Solutions: ,betway-paypal

check motor failure or adjust thermal relay overload current,online-betfair

Q17: Air switch adjustment,best-fantasy-cricket-app-list


oklahoma-basketball-forum,1. Short circuit of live wire and voltage regulating circuit

gakhov-ivan-tennis-livescore,2. The motor burns out


delhi-dynamos-vs-kerala-blasters,1. If the switch is closed, it will trip. First disconnect the heating air switch, and then close it. If it jumps again, it means that the main circuit is short-circuited and grounded. Close the air switch one by one. When it is closed, it will jump. There is a problem with a voltage regulating circuit of this air switch, please check one by one

rugby-league-international,2. If the motor starts to trip, it means there is a problem with the motor branch circuit

handball-world-cup-2021-program,Q18: The lamp does not light up


bbc-football-results,1. The voltage regulating circuit is damaged

basketball-goal-garage-mount,2. The lamp filament is broken

paddypower-alternative-link,3. The SCR is damaged or disconnected

match-online,4. The lamp tube is disconnected


unlv-basketball-violations,1. Measure the voltage at both ends of the lamp with a multimeter ACV250 gear

2. If there is 220V, the lamp filament is broken, remove it, and recheck with multimeter R×1 file,live-cricket-commentary-ind-vs-eng,3. If it is "0", check the corresponding voltage regulating circuit, first measure whether there is voltage output, and then whether there is voltage input, if there is input but no output, it is generally because the SCR is damaged or the potentiometer is disconnected.

4. When the potentiometer is adjusted, the indicator light changes in brightness, which can indicate that the thyristor is intact, and it is concluded that the lamp is broken,barclays-premier-league-standings

Q19: The stretch rod fails to rise and return to the original position after the mold is opened,basketball-wallpaper-computer


1. The position of the magnetic pole switch is too low, and the piston of the cylinder does not pass the magnetic pole switch after the stretch rod reaches the bottom of the stretch position.,basketball-coach-barnes-wnit

bet365apk,2. The stretching speed of the stretching rod is too fast.


manchester-united-fixtures,1. First manually raise the stretch rod to its original position, and then adjust the magnetic pole switch to a higher position to ensure that the magnetic pole switch can sense the piston when the stretch rod reaches the bottom of the position.

bet-on-volleyball-games-online,2. Tighten the screw of the one-way throttle valve joint under the stretching cylinder clockwise to reduce the speed of the stretching rod. Note that changing the speed of the stretching rod may affect the blowing effect, which can be adjusted appropriately. The time setting of "delayed blowing" is matched to achieve the ideal effect of blowing when the stretch rod reaches the bottom of the bottle.

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