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theoretical output 1200-1600 bottles per hour. Suitable for 3000-5000ml small bottles.,is-dafabet-genuine

5l Automat Stretch Blow Molding Machine


formula-1-in-excel-pivot-table,Product Description


Semi Automatic Blow Machine,basketball-manager-gets-in-game

Theoretical Capacity
Mold Cavities
Neck Size
Max. Volume
High productivity; easy to operate; long time after-sale service.

preform feeding system

preform feeding system,betrally-india-review

Machine Specifications,cricket-live-run-rate

  Bottle blowing machine

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Theory production

1200-1600 BPH,handball-ungarn-uruguay

Overall Dimensionsmm


Main machine3500*2200*2450




football-games-apps-free-download,No.of Cavity

cricket-app,2 cavities

Cavity Pitch



5000 ml,basketball-defense-agility-drills

basketball-jersey-drawing,Preform neck


astra-sharma,Bottle diameter(max)


baseball-facts,Bottle height(max)


authentic-gaming-live-casino,Heating ovens

crc-hk-tennis,4 (unit)

mostbet,Infrared lamps

betfair-cricket-odds-download,32 (pcs)

Max. heating power

66 (kw)

Install power




Low pressure Air,basketball-player-knee-injury

basket-balls,0.8-1.0 Mpa / 8-10bar

Low pressure air consumption,soccer-star

baylor-volleyball-gear,2.0 m3/min

basketball-zone-breaking-offense,High pressure Air

2.6-4.0 Mpa / 30bar,cricket-app-to-earn-money

High Pressure Air Consumption ,fiba-basketball-world-cup-ne-zaman

denovoc-soccer-camp-queretaro,4.0 ~ 6.0 m3/min



Common faults and solutions for PET bottle blowing-part 3

Q11: The bottom of the bottle is not full,indian-cricket-team-all-jersey


1. The bottom temperature of the bottle is too high,ncaa-volleyball-game-2021

2. Insufficient or uneven vent holes at the bottom of the mold bottle,nadal-tennis-flashscore

basketball-1st-quarter-prediction,3. The stretch rod has not reached the bottom

4. The design of the stretched head does not conform to the shape of the bottom of the embryo tube,247-poker-free-online

5. Insufficient blowing pressure,volleyball-spike-approach-steps

irina-begu,6. Insufficient flow of blowing valve

last-year's-uk-basketball-roster,7. Poor design of the bottom curve of the bottle

Solutions:  ,australia-cricket-team-all-rounder

basketball-hoop-mounting-height,1. Reduce the temperature at the bottom of the heating zone or use a damp cloth to reduce the temperature at the bottom of the embryo tube

2. Increase the number of vent holes and make them evenly distributed,baseball-or-softball

make-money-tip-football,3. Adjust the stretch rod to the bottom of the bottle

cricket-india,4. Replace the stretch head

adda52-wiki,5. Increase blowing pressure

phone-betting,6. Clean the blow valve with gasoline

pro-direct-soccer-uk-voucher,7. Increase the curve and streamline design of the bottom of the bottle

Q12: Thickness of embryo tube,molten-handball-weich


nifty-fifty-betfred,1. If the tooth part of the embryo tube is in a specific position, it is the cause of the uneven thickness of the embryo tube

2. If the mold clamping line is in a certain position relative to the mold, it is a mold exhaust problem,hem-handball-club

3. Uneven heating of embryo tube,check-my-cricket-id

4. Poor design at the bottom of the mold,docs-free-golf-betting-tips

Solutions:  ,new-zealand-cricket-online

1. Improve the design of embryo tube thickness,handball-world-cup-2021-france

2. Improve the vent at the bottom of the mold,volkl-junior-tennis-racquets

betfair-interest-rates,3. Improve heating conditions

rake-in-poker,4. Improve bottom design

Q13: No power indication for the bottle blowing machine,basketball-club-auckland


1. No power to the socket,leovegas-best-games

2. The insurance tube is broken,api-soccer-camp

3. The thread is off,ind-vs-aus-cricket-live

handball-qualifikation-olympia-fernsehen,4. The safety emergency switch is not turned on

5. Whether the power switch is turned on and set to ON,volleyball-zürich-mädchen

football-international-clubs-club-friendly-games-results,6. The indicator light is damaged

retro-tennis-visor,7. Whether the miniature circuit breaker of the control socket in the heating furnace is closed

Solutions:  ,roma-master-tennis

unique-basketball-terms,1. Check whether the socket has electricity and whether the leakage switch has tripped

2. Check whether the circuit is short-circuited, and then replace the fuse,betway-200-bonus

volleyball-serve-line,3. Connect the connectors

4. Open the emergency safety switch,cricket-all-stars

rugby-union-betting-oddschecker,5. The power switch is on

6. Replace the indicator,ne-volleyball-tv-schedule

albany-open-tennis,7. Close the circuit breaker

Q14: No sealing and stretching action,playing-top


toss-load,1. The clamping stroke is not in place

volleyball-serve-for-beginners,2. The mold clamping travel switch is broken

volleyball-game-espn,3. The wire falls off

4. Delayed stretch time relay is damaged,ns-w-vs-cm-w-live-score

5. The lifting solenoid valve and the stretching solenoid valve are damaged,basketball-africa-league-kigali

6. Cylinder intake and exhaust throttle valves are blocked or closed,volleyball-quickness-drills

7. Corresponding solenoid valve failure,volleyball-drills-get-the-pancake

how-to-make-money-with-pokerstars,8. Set the delay stretch time to "0"


1. Move forward the clamping block,live-craps-online-casino

cricket-session-app,2. Replace the mold clamping limit switch

3. Connect the thread,jump-float-serve-volleyball

volleyball-silhouette-vector,4. Replace the time relay

life-line-cricket-download,5. Replace the solenoid valve

major-league-soccer-table,6. Check the hole position to make sure it is unblocked

7. Check the relevant solenoid valve,cricket-online-form-apply

basketball-betting-lines-explained,8. The delay stretch time setting cannot be less than "0"

college-basketball-scores,Q15: The disc does not rotate,Reasons:

1. The fuse is broken and the disc does not rotate,gioco-pad-tennis

latest-basketball-game-ps4,2. The AC contactor and thermal relay are damaged

3. Motor phase loss,volleyball-net-net


volleyball-montreal-club,1. Use a multimeter to block (R×1) to measure the resistance of the fuse. If it is 0, it means good; if it is ∞, it means it is broken.

coral-cricket-betting-rules,2. Measure the voltage at both ends of the AC contact coil with a multimeter ACV250. If it is 0, then measure the voltage between the upper end of the AC contactor coil and the thermal relay (96). If it is 220V, the thermal relay is damaged or overloaded.

hendrik-schädlich-zwickau-handball,3. Connect the phase wires

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